VanRad Donates Ultrasound Machine to Local Animal Hospital

Similarly to humans, animals require quality medical imaging equipment to help in the diagnosis and prognosis of disease and illness. When medical imaging specialists, Vancouver Radiologists, recently decided that it was time for an upgrade in their ultrasound equipment, they were excited to donate what was (at the time) their existing ultrasound machine to Orchard Hills Animal Hospital in Washougal, Washington to better help in the medical treatment of animals.

“Diagnostic ultrasound can be just as valuable to the veterinary doctor as it is for the medical Doctor. Vancouver Radiologists is excited to provide the doctors at Orchards Hills Animal Hospital with a very powerful tool for the care of their patients,” explains Dr. James McAfee of Vancouver Radiologists.

According to Dr. Erich Bargar, Veterinarian at Orchard Hills Animal Hospital, ultrasound procedures are performed daily at their clinic. Focused assessments with sonography for trauma (FAST) scans are performed most frequently, helping to categorize tumors in the spleen and liver. To help in the diagnosis of many other diseases, Dr. Bargar also performs abdominocentesis, a procedure that he says helps “…identify free fluid in the abdomen by using a syringe and needle to retrieve some of the fluid.”

“The quality of the image is vastly superior to that of my old Chison ultrasound,” Dr. Bargar described after using the newly-donated unit. “Detail of abdominal organs, ability to magnify an area of study in greater detail, and the ability to measure blood flow with Doppler technology will help us identify cancers or tumors more rapidly and with more confidence.”

Vancouver Radiologists takes pride in providing high quality medical imaging services to the patients in our community as well as continuing to identify philanthropic opportunities.

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