Low-dose 3D Mammography Now Available

Vancouver Radiologists is proud to announce the availability of Hologic low-dose 3D mammography. The latest innovation in breast cancer screening which offers superior performance to 2D alone. Vancouver Radiologists began providing 3D mammography to the community in October 2014 and is now one of the first healthcare providers in the region to offer the new advanced 3D mammography technology from Hologic.

Hologic’s new C-View software creates a 2D image from the 3D dataset, removing the need for a separate 2D exposure. The elimination of the 2D exposure results in patients spending less time under compression and a reduction in radiation, while providing the improved clinical benefits of 3D Mammography – increased diagnostic accuracy and reduced call back rates.

For more information on this new technology or to schedule an appointment please contact Vancouver Radiologists at 360-254-4914.

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